About Us

We are a tight-knit bunch, us Sons of Anarchy fans who have been here since day one.

We’ve seen everything, experienced the joy, the pain and every imaginable feeling in between. We have even grown numb to certain protocols, to the messy situations and to the complexity that turns us into not a force to be reckoned with but also a force that is attempting to initiate a reconciliation.

We started this website on purely to accompany the weekly podcast that we release based on every single episode of the show. We analyse the characters, the storyline, the wider context that shows where the local biker gang (SAMCRO) fit in now, and if they will be able to continue that ‘fitting in’ process or simply become a foe of the club which could we mean disaster for either side, anyone who has seen either side attacked in the past will know the depths, the extent and the depravity that each side will look to in order to ensure that at the end of it all, most law enforcement stay clean. Most. Not all.

Take one law enforcement officer from the very first episode, Deputy Trammel, the black Sheriffs deputy who is clearly in the pocket of SAMCRO, nice and cosy.

Able to relax – it is easy to see how some go in to the process genuinely not understanding the extent of what they are doing; being ‘The Rat’ puts you in the crosshairs for everyone, it makes you an instant enemy of every single man within your block – so being ‘A Rat’ will not help anyone apart from either;-

  • A person who has been close to, involved in or remotely aware of the Gang/RICO activities that any one group of people or peoples have been conducting their business activities either legal, illegal or otherwise.
  • Someone who is completely innocent of all charges brought against them; please do bare in mind though that if you were found guilty, in the eyes of the law, you are now guilty. Therefore everything you do is now under intense scrutiny and you cannot reverse the process of authorities monitoring the whereabouts and activities of such an individual, company or international entity of any size or type.

Either way, we stick together, we never rat and we never run.