Character Profiles

Every week a new Character profile will be released and we will constantly keep them updated once they have been published on the site. In order to be published the character has to be;-

  • A Current Prospect
  • A Current Or Former Member
  • A Deceased Member
  • A Deceased Member of another Charter/Club
  • A Disgraced Member (Once Exit Rules Have Been Observed)
  • A Current Old Lady
  • A Hang Around
  • A Law Enforcement Officer/Agent
  • A Cartel Boss
  • A Gang Member
  • A Gang Boss
  • A Politician
  • A Business Owner

Profiles will not be published for;-

  • Former Old Ladies
  • A Non-Member
  • A Civilian
  • A Political Assistant
  • A Disgraced Member (Where Exit Rules Were Not Observed)
  • Any Club Mascot, Pet or Ritual

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